Scar Removal

Scarring is a natural part of the healing process. However, scars are not very attractive. The good news is that there are several scar removal options. Below are some of scar removal treatment options that are available.

Laser Scar Removal

This is often the preferred scar removal treatment option. It is minimally-invasive and causes very little discomfort to the patient. There is also very little downtime needed after getting laser scar removal. During this procedure, a laser is moved along the scar. The laser technology helps reduce the appearance of the scar without harming the healthy skin. It is important to note that most people are required to get multiple treatments. This procedure also helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which are two building blocks for healthy skin.


Dermabrasion is another option that you have for scar removal. It is more invasive than laser scar removal. Dermabrasion is a procedure that involves removing the damaged skin. The dermatologist will use a motorized instrument to remove the damaged skin. This will help stimulate the production of new skin. Dermabrasion is performed in the office and can usually be completed within 30 to 60 minutes.

You may experience some bleeding during the procedure, but you should not experience any discomfort. After the procedure has been completed, you will be given ointment that you will need to apply to the affected areas. You will be able to return to your normal activities within two or three days, but your skin may be red and swollen for a few days. You will need to limit strenuous activities for a couple of weeks in order to give your body time to heal.

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