How Stress Affects Your Skin

Your friends say it. Your mom says it. Teen magazines and ads for acne control products say it. “Stress causes breakouts.” But is this statement really true or is it just yet another rumor related to the causes of acne? At Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology...

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Top 5 Things You Should Know about Botox

Botox is a cosmetic treatment that’s become more popular in recent years to erase the signs of aging. However, many people don’t realize that Botox can be used for other medical applications and to help stave off the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Here are 5...

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Top 5 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has drastically improved the lives and comfort of thousands of men and women. Unfortunately, there are myths about the procedure that have deterred many more from enjoying the benefits. If you’ve been considering this treatment but are confused...

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Tips for Selecting the Right Dermal Filler

A dermatologist in San Diego, CA, provides many treatments for skin conditions and blemishes. In addition to treating skin disorders and improving the overall health of the skin, dermatologists also help people address the signs of aging, such as age spots, fine...

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Botox vs Fillers: Which Is Right for You?

For those with anti-aging concerns, there are multiple possible solutions. From overnight creams to serums and even plastic surgery, your options seem almost limitless. But therein lies the problem. How do you know which solution is right for you? It’s best to start...

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Facts You Should Know about Dermal Fillers

While in the past many people relied on Botox, or botulinum toxin, to treat the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and facial lines, there has been a pivot in the last 10 years to another form of dermatological procedure designed to accomplish the same goal. Dermal...

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